We are proud to be using a “Colorfast Colorant” that delivers vibrant, high yield, eco-friendly colorant solutions for wood.

Are Colorfast Colorants environmentally safe?

T.H. Glennon Company uses all environmentally safe materials to manufacture our colorants. They are specially formulated to be nontoxic to children, animals and plants.

Facts about TH Glennon’s Colorfast Colorant

• Once Colorfast Colorants are dried onto a surface, it adheres to the surface. When applied and dried properly, the colorant will not wash off.

• TH Glennon developed and introduced the Mold Resistant Additive specially formulated to reduce the heat build up of mulch. The Addictive works to reduce the heat in wood mulch, while decreasing the ability for mold and fungus to grow. Ultimately, increasing the shelf life of your colored mulch and maximizing your return on investment.

• TH Glennon’s goal is: to assist customers in building profitable and efficient mulch coloring business, while contributing to a cleaner, healthier world.