Mulch & Topsoil

Whether you're in need of fill dirt to raise a portion of your lawn, topsoil for your garden or you're looking to dress up your flower beds with decorative mulch, we have a variety of options to meet any of your landscaping needs.
Choose from single, double or triple ground mulch, pine mulch and even died mulch.

LCR Construction Mulch
Pine Bark limited
Pine Bark Mulch
100% recycled pine bark and pine trees, fine mulch and dark in color. Refer to FAQ’s
Red Colored Mulch
Colored Mulch
Blended mulch colored with eco-friendly colorant. Safe for plants, animals and human contact. Refer to FAQ’s
Lowcountry Blended Mulch
The largest mulch mixture processed. It consists of triple sized mulch with a bigger range of sizes. Suggested for any areas prone to washout or on the side of a sloped area. Refer to FAQ’s
Crushed Rock Washed Screenings
A granite screening, it is in crush & run and can be used under pavers for a patio or pathway.
Crushed Rock Plantation Mix
Plantation Mix
A combination of 3/8" granite rock and granite screenings/fines. The most popular use is as a base for a driveway, slightly smaller than 1/2" crusher run.
Crushed Rock 789
#789 Granite:
1/2” size granite, washed stone, free of fines. Can be used for multiple projects, top dressing on driveways or french drains.
Crushed Rock 57
#57 Granite
3/4" - 1" granite rock, commonly used for drain field repair or as topdressing for a driveway.
Crushed Rock GABC
#4 Granite
Size is 1-1/2" - 2" granite rock, most commonly used for drainfield repair or as an access road topdressing that will not require you to walk across it.
LCR Construction Recycle Asphalt
Recycled Asphalt
Recycled products produced locally, used for driveways.
LCR Construction Recycled Concrete
Recycled Concrete
Recycled products produced locally, used for driveways.
Fill Dirt
Fill Dirt
Used in slab foundations, can be used to build up a lot, or for grading purposes in residential or commercial projects. This soil will not be an ideal material for planting or growing grass.
Masonry Sand
Masonry Sand
Different from mortar sand, this sand can be used in a child’s sandbox. It does not have any type of gravel mixed in. It is also used under pavers combined with granite fines or under above ground pools.
Organic Top Soil
Organic Topsoil
Perfect for use in gardens, growing flowers and plants, or as a starting layer for sod or other grass growth. This product will contain some organic material as it is naturally cured soil.